We will be curating the #sketch50 artifacts here via Storify. Click on the link below to visit the daily collections, get inspired, and celebrate each other!

Check back to see the collections grow!

Here’s a preview of the latest album:Unnamed image (4).png

Check out past albums:

Day 1: Lightbulb

Day 2: Microphone, Megaphone

Day 3: Speech Bubbles

Day 4: Paper, Book, Devices

Day 5: 2 People Talking 

Day 6: Social Media

Day 7: Computer, Tablet, Mobile Device

Day 8: Classroom

Day 9: Interests, Hobbies

Day 10: Knowledge, Gears Turning

Day 11: Differentiation, Unique

Day 12: Student, Learner

Day 13: Helping Hands

Day 14: Teamwork, Better Together

Day 15: Brainstorm, Ideate

Day 16: Listen, Find a Win-Win

Day 17: Respect Other’s Ideas

Day 18: Empathy

Day 19: Fire

Day 20: Signs

Day 21: Earth, Globe, World

Day 22: Arrows

Day 23: Weather

Day 24: Keys

Day 25: Happiness

\More coming soon!